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Salicylic Peel Trial

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Product Description
The Salicylic Peel is a Beta Hydroxy Acid peel which gives a dramatic skin peel. The results are excellent when the 2% or 5% Salicylic Exfoliator is applied daily with the higher strength peels being applied every 2-3 weeks. The Salicylic Peel is appropriate for all skin types, especially combination, oily, and acneic skin.

Salicylic Acid will also improve the results of your Glycolic or Lactic Peel treatment if used beforehand.

*When left on the skin for only 1-2 minutes (refer to instructions when performing a peel) peeling, redness and down-time varies from 0 to 3 days. Approximately 5 days after performing a peel the skin appears rejuvenated and more youthful looking.