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Glycolic Peel Trial

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Product Description
Alpha Hydroxy Acid to rejuvenate the skin and create a younger and firmer appearance. Obtain salon quality results with high concentration, low pH, unbuffered Glycolic Acid for a quality, effective AHA skin peel. Glycolic Acid thoroughly exfoliates and stimulates new skin & collagen production, leaving skin feeling firmer with a younger appearance.

Glycolic Peels have a pH level of 2.2 and contain the highest quality ingredients available.

  • Glycolic 5% Daily Exfoliator 1oz (30ml)


    Item# GD-51

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  • Glycolic 10% Peel 1oz (30ml)


    Item# G11

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  • Glycolic 20% Peel 1oz (30ml)


    Item# G21

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  • Glycolic 30% Peel 1oz (30ml)


    Item# G31

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  • Glycolic 40% Peel 1oz (30ml)


    Item# G41

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  • Glycolic 50% Peel 1oz (30ml)


    Item# G51

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  • Glycolic 60% Peel 1oz (30ml)


    Item# G61

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  • Glycolic 70% Peel 1oz (30ml)


    Item# G71

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