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Skin Lighten Daily Kit

Item# SLK


Product Description
Skin Lighten Daily Kit provides the necessary treatment products to fully maximize the results of the Skin Lighten Peels. The 3 skin care products enhance rejuvenation, suppress melanin (pigment) production, hydrate, nourish, and provide SPF protection to prevent rebound hyperpigmentation.

1.) Skin Lighten Daily Exfoliator 4oz (120ml)

2.) Skin Lighten Serum 1oz (30ml)

3.) Green Tea Hexapeptide Moisturizer SPF30 4oz (120ml)

When used in conjunction with a peel and as a daily routine after a peel series, these 3 products maintain results and prevent reccurrence of skin discoloration. The daily exfoliator keeps skin glowing, the serum keeps the tone even, and the SPF protect the skin from sun damage.