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Complete Salicylic Peel Systems

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Product Description
When performing a series of skin peels, the most effective way to achieve professional results is by incorporating a daily exfoliation and treatment regime. Our complete Salicylic Peel Systems give you the basic tools you need to perform and maintain your salicylic chemical peels.
Peel Systems include:

Exfoliator – Apply nighly to maintain and improve results
Peel – Apply every 2-3 weeks for rejuvination and correction
Moisturizing Serum – Apply immediately after peels and as part of your daily routine for nourishment, hydration, and quicker peel recovery time.

  • Salicylic Light Peel - Salicylic 2% 4oz + Salicylic 10% 4oz + Moisturizer


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  • Salicylic Medium Peel - Salicylic 2% 4oz + Salicylic 20% 4oz + Moisturizer


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  • Salicylic Deep Peel - Salicylic 2% 4oz + Salicylic 30% 4oz + Moisturizer


    Item# SK3

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