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Pure & Natural Squalane Oil

Natural Squalane Oil 1oz (30ml)


Item# MS1

Product Description
Pure & Natural Squalane is nature’s perfect moisturizer. Squalane is a remarkable extract found in olive oil and is similar to Vitamin A and Retinol. The molecular structure of squalane is almost identical to the natural oils babies have in high amounts in their perfect young skin. Touch your skin with squalane and you will immediately marvel at its soft silky lightness and then be astounded as it absorbs right into your skin, leaving it baby-soft and dewey.

Squalane is absolutely the finest, purest, most delicate moisturizer available worldwide — in fact, it is so highly purifed and refined that it is completely colorless and odorless, without any of the acrid chemical qualities of synthetic mineral oil. The ultra-pure qualities of squalane make it ideal for sensitive or allergy prone skin. Dry, damaged skin literally drinks in Squalane. Rough, wrinkled skin is instantly softened and smoothed.

Studies have shown that Squalane has a stimulatory effect on the healing process, and it has been used with great success to soothe and calm irritated, inflamed skin, such as ezcema and allergic rashes. Use squalane to return the levels of natural nourishing oils in your skin to the level you had as a newborn, and to moisturize and soothe skin on the entire body.