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TCA 30% Net Wt. 2oz (60ml)

TCA 30% Net Wt. 2oz (60ml)



Product Description
**For Professional Use Only**

TCA 30% is the Apex of peeling agents. This peel penetrates to a depth that can remove most skin flaws in 1-2 applications. While amazing results can be achieved, significant downtime is needed to recover from this peel – usually 14-20 days. Proper skin care and diligent sun protection are vital during the healing process in order to avoid scarring and hyperpigmentation. Anyone considering a TCA 30% should become familiar with the possible complications, contraindications, and risks involved with this peel. Some skin types and those with certain pre-existing skin conditions should not use TCA 30% such as: people suffering from rosacea, fragile skin, those who have a history of cold sores, darker skin types, skin prone to cystic acne, skin that has been thinned due to medical treatments, or any broken skin or areas with open skin lesions.