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TCA Peel

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  • Who the TCA Home Skin Peel is Right For

  • TCA skin peels offer more dramatic results than AHA and BHA peels, and they do it in fewer sessions, with more moderate downtime. They treat a range of skin conditions, from fine lines and wrinkles to acne and melasma. TCA peels reduce the appearance of scars and have even been used to remove unwanted tattoos. TCA home skin peels are an option for those who are ready to upgrade from a milder peel, those with mature skin, and those who have multiple skin problems.

  • Benefits of the TCA Peel

  • TCA stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer, softer, suppler skin. TCA skin peels make skin clearer, smoother, and more even in tone. TCA removes acne scars and clears pores to prevent acne breakouts. TCA can also: Remove age spots, sun spots, melasma, freckles, and other pigmentation problems Improve blotchiness Firm crepiness TCA penetrates the upper layer of the skin, or epidermis, to exfoliate and refine full, damaged skin. TCA sloughs away dead skin and damaged cells far more quickly than Mother Nature can, allowing lustrous, touchable new skin to grow. TCA is a more powerful, alternative to AHA and BHA.

  • TCA Skin Peel Strengths

  • At 10% strength, this TCA peel is ideal for TCA beginners who seek an upgrade from a milder peel. It freshens, brightens and firms skin, slows the signs of aging, and treats acne. It can even lighten discolorations, like freckles, sun spots and melasma. The 10% TCA home peel can be repeated every two to four weeks. For those who have experience with TCA peels, the 20% strength offers even more striking, improvement in skin tone and texture. 20% TCA peels support and improve skin's natural resiliency, to stave off sagging, drooping and crepiness. TCA at 20% strength clears pores, removes blotchiness and wipes away age spots, sun damage, freckles and melasma. The 20% TCA home peel can be repeated every three to four weeks. For advanced users, 30% TCA home peels are one of the strongest, most effective chemical peels available. They can produce truly remarkable results to melt away years of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, acne scars and discoloration. Apply Peel Neutralizer Mist at the end of a peel to neutralize the TCA and soothe skin immediately.

  • A Final Word on TCA Skin Peels

  • Normal side effects of a TCA peel include redness, soreness, swelling and flaking. A brown crust may grow over the treatment area. When this crust falls off about a week later, radiant new skin will emerge. TCA skin peel complications include permanent skin lightening, demarcation lines and scarring. Darker-skinned persons are advised against using this type of peel.