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Skin Lighten Peel

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  • Who the Skin Lighten Peel is Right For

  • This multi acid peel was designed to specifically address uneven skin tone, regardless of what caused the discoloration. The gentle blend of Glycolic, Lactic and Kojic acid can be used by all skin types however, anyone with combination - oily skin are encouraged to use the Skin Lighten Peel with a BHA to achieve maximum results.

  • Benefits of the Skin Lighten Peel

  • The Skin Lighten Peel uses a blend of glycolic, lactic and kojic acids to penetrate the epidermis and disintegrate damaged skin cells. It can whiten and lighten discolored skin without the use of potentially harmful skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone. The Skin Lighten Peel can: Reverse the effects of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, such as that caused by injury or severe acne breakouts Treat congenital skin discolorations Reduce the appearance of melasma Suppress melanin production to prevent future skin discoloration Clear pores to treat acne in normal, dry,and combination skin types Fade fine lines and wrinkles Smooth and firm skin The Skin Lighten Peel isn't harsh on skin, like some chemical skin whitening agents.

  • Skin Lighten Peels and Products

  • Skin Lighten Daily Kit The Skin Lighten Daily Kit can be used alone to rejuvenate, and nourish sun-damaged skin. The Daily Exfoliator sloughs away dull, dead and damaged cells, slowly and gently. The Skin Lighten Serum inhibits melanin production to lighten skin, and the Green Tea Hexapeptide Moisturizer SPF 30 protects skin from further sun damage. Used in combination with regular Skin Lighten Peels, the Skin Lighten Daily Kit extends the life of peel results and prevents further hyperpigmentation. Skin Lighten Peel 30% The Skin Lighten Peel 30% combines lactic, glycolic, and kojic acids into a skin peel system gentle and safe enough even for beginner use. The Skin Lighten Peel 30% doesn't irritate skin; it has few side effects and most users experience little to no downtime. Use it every two weeks, along with the Skin Lighten Daily Kit, to fade unsightly sun spots, age spots, melasma and other skin discolorations. Skin Lighten Peel 50% The Skin Lighten Peel 50% is a more powerful skin lighten agent for experienced users. It evens skin tone and leaves skin clearer, brighter, firmer and healthier. It removes dull and damaged skin cells from the surface of the skin to clear away hyperpigmentation, and has all the benefits of other chemical peels�increased cell turnover, enhanced skin elasticity, and elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. Use Skin Lighten Peel 50% every 2-3 weeks in conjunction with Skin Lighten Daily Kit. Skin Lighten Serum Skin Lighten Serum contains alpha arbutin, a plant-derived compound that inhibits melanin production. Unlike hydroquinone, alpha arbutin is completely non-toxic and safe for all skin types. Skin Lighten Serum is oil-free and doesn't irritate skin. Used daily, in conjunction with Skin Lighten Peel, it can prevent the recurrence of hyperpigmentation. It contains hyaluronic acid to support skin's elasticity and resiliency; it can be used during post-peel recovery to facilitate healing and prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Peel Neutralizer Mist Peel Neutralizer Mist stops the exfoliation process at the end of a peel. It restores the skin to its natural pH balance, soothes irritation and cools redness.

  • A Final Word on Skin Lighten Peel

  • Skin Lighten Peel may cause flaking, peeling, redness and increased skin sensitivity for up to a week after use. Skin Lighten Peel can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Use a broad spectrum, SPF 30 sunblock on treated skin.

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