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  • Who the Glycolic Skin Peel is Right For

  • Glycolic acid is a gentle AHA acid that works by dissolving the bonds between skin cells. Because it works differently from other chemical peeling agents, it has almost no side effects and requires very little downtime. It's one of the mildest skin peels available. Glycolic acid is great for all skin types, whether young, mature, dry, or sensitive. Glycolic acid provides a gentle exfoliation that fades fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, sun damage and acne scars from all faces. It's the perfect choice for those who want a skin peel with little to no discomfort, side effects or downtime.

  • Benefits of Glycolic Acid

  • Glycolic acid is an AHA acid, that increases collagen and elastin production in the under layers of the skin, to make skin more flexible and more resilient. It strengthens the skin's lipid barrier, to hold in moisture and slow the signs of aging. It gently sloughs away the upper layers of the skin to do away with fine lines and wrinkles; dead, dry skin; and sun-damaged cells. It clears pores to treat and prevent acne in normal to dry skin types. Best of all, it increases cell turnover for healthier skin that keeps on glowing from one maintenance peel to the next. Glycolic acid: Smooths skin Improves skin tone Brightens and firms skin Boosts collagen and elastin production Accelerates cell turnover for healthier skin

  • Glycolic Acid Peel Products

  • The Complete Glycolic Peel System The Complete Glycolic Peel System in Light, Medium or Deep gives skin peel users the means to perform, not only an initial peel, but maintenance peels and daily skin care between peels. The Glycolic Light Peel Kit is ideally suited to beginners performing a first-ever home chemical peel, and it's also good for anyone who wishes to maintain their appearance in between deeper peels. The Light Peel Kit is sufficient for users with young skin, whether normal, sensitive or dry. This peel can be performed every one to two weeks. The Glycolic Medium Peel Kit is the next step up for users looking to upgrade to a stronger home peel product. Its skin-regenerating properties make it an excellent choice for those with, mature skin. This peel can be performed every two to three weeks. The Glycolic Deep Peel Kit, for advanced users, refreshes and revitalizes mature skin. The Deep Peel Kit rolls back the clock on skin, improving wrinkles, blemishes, and sun damage. It firms up crepiness, droopiness and sagginess, and returns skin to the effervescent glow of youth. This peel can be performed every 2-3 weeks. Glycolic Acid 5% Daily Exfoliator Use this daily exfoliator to prepare skin for a deeper peel or to maintain skin's resiliency and glow between peels. Users with young skin may even use this light daily exfoliator in lieu of a peel to slow the signs of aging, and lighten sun spots. Use it every day for supple, radiant skin. Glycolic Acid 10% Deep Daily Exfoliator The Glycolic Acid 10% Deep Daily Exfoliator is a step up from the 5% Daily Exfoliator, for those who don't feel ready for a peel-strength glycolic acid beauty treatment. This daily exfoliator can also extend the results of series peels. It's an easy way to prepare sensitive skin for a full-strength peel. Use it every day. Glycolic Acid 20% Light Peel For home chemical peel beginners, the Glycolic Acid 20% Light Peel is the lowest strength available. It brings all the benefits of glycolic acid peels to beginners and users with young skin. Suitable for all skin types, this fast-acting peel boosts collagen and elastin production, speeds cells turnover, and improves skin's tone, color and texture. Users can maximize their peel benefits by performing a series of eight to ten peels, spaced one to two weeks apart. Glycolic Acid 30% Light-Medium Peel Also a good choice for beginners, this peel offers an upgrade from the 20% Light Peel, for those who want more noticeable results. This strong but gentle peel doesn't irritate skin, and can be repeated every one to two weeks to preserve skin's elasticity and exfoliate rough, dull skin. Glycolic Acid 40% Medium Peel The Glycolic Acid 40% Medium Peel is an upgrade from the Light-Medium 30% strength. It's a logical next step for those who aren't getting the results they once got from the 30% peel. It's also a terrific option for mature-skinned users, even those with only a little previous glycolic acid experience. This peel can be repeated every three to four weeks to keep skin pliable, resplendently healthy. Glycolic Acid 50% Medium-Deep PeelThe Glycolic Acid 50% Medium-Deep Peel is best for those who have home chemical peeling experience, either with lower-strength glycolic acid peels or with AHA peels. This peel is superb for men, who often have thicker, hardier skin; mature-skinned users of both genders can enjoy the benefits of this medium-deep peel, which include enhanced complexion, skin tone and texture. Like other glycolic acid peels, the Glycolic Acid 50% Medium-Deep peel firms sagging skin and brightens dull, dead skin when used every 2-3 weeks. Glycolic Acid 60% Deep Peel The Glycolic Acid 60% Deep Peel helps even advanced skin peel users continue to enjoy the benefits of chemical peeling. Experienced users eventually develop a tolerance to lower-strength peels, but this strong peel helps even the most mature skin retain its youthful elasticity and luminosity. Improve fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, sagginess, droopiness and discoloration; use this advanced-level skin peel every three to four weeks. Expect full results to appear after 2-3 peels. Glycolic Acid 70% Maximum Peel: Professional Use Only For the most advanced users. Full results appear after a series of four to six peels. Glycolic Cleanser Glycolic Cleanser marries aloe and green tea to glycolic acid for gentle, soothing rejuvenation and invigoration. Both chemical peel beginners and advanced users can benefit from daily use of this exfoliating cleanser. Use Glycolic Cleanser daily to prepare the skin for a chemical peel or keep the skin clean during recovery from a chemical peel. Or, just use it by itself to gently wash away dirt, oil, and debris. Glycolic Cleanser clears pores; keeps skin supple, smooth and soft; fades blemishes; and slows the signs of aging. Peel Neutralizer Mist Peel Neutralizer Mist is a must-have for any chemical peel user, whether a beginner or advanced. Peel Neutralizer Mist neutralizes glycolic acid and cools treated skin instantly.

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