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TCA 10% Net Wt. 8oz (240ml)

TCA 10% Net Wt. 8oz (240ml) TCA 10% Net Wt. 8oz (240ml)


Item# T108

Product Description
TCA 10% is excellent for those who are new to this peeling solution and provides the option of layering if a deeper peel is eventually desired. Results and recovery time for TCA 10% are similar to those of a AHA 70% making this an option for anyone who has become tolerant to the highest level of Glycolic. This percentage produces the best outcome when performed every 2-3 weeks for as long as needed. A second coat of the solution can be applied for times when deeper exfoliation is warranted. TCA has a designated processing time and is no longer active after 10 minutes however, the solution should be removed upon completion of treatment.